Liia from Estonia

ImageBefore going to Croatia, I thought the country had a warm climate. But it didn’t. Instead, it had warm people.

Accommodation, catering, and excursions were all well organised. The hotel room was comfortable, with a breathtaking view of the sea and the mountains. The catering included a variety of delicious Croatian dishes. Our tour guides were students from the Adult Education Institution Dante. The guides significantly improved our knowledge of Croatia’s history. An interesting fact is that “kuna” is a word both for the national currency and for the animal called marten. This is because marten pelts used to be used as currency during Roman times. The treasure hunt was another highlight of the trip with its clever design. It was fun to search and solve puzzles.

Visits at the Adult Education Institution Dante made a very good impression. I particularly liked the temperamental presentation of the study methods at the institution. I found putting people into relevant situations quite interesting – for example, having an English lesson at a restaurant where students have to order in English. Another interesting example was an arts lesson where students made masks with English as the working language.

Another fun event was the carnival day that began at Dante with two artists making face paintings for each of us involved in the project. It was always exciting to see how the next face painting would turn out. We took pictures of ourselves and felt good overall. There was also a table covered for us with various snacks. Especially tasty was a type of pastry I hadn’t tried before. I did know, however, that it is also sometimes made in Estonia (and called “pig’s ears” here). I took a bite from time to time and thanked the baker in my mind. Thank you!!

It was also my first time on a street carnival. It made a lasting impression with its fabulous costumes and decorated cars. What I liked the most about the carnival was that it was all done in good spirits and that the children in the audience were treated with kind faces and, occasionally, sweets.

Thinking back to the trip fills me with positive emotions. It was full of joy and significantly helped with improving and reinforcing my English.

A big “thank you” to the organisers!!

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A city girl turned into a country woman; an Estonian patriot and a cosmopolitan; a dreamer, philosopher, and visionary who takes action to see her dreams come true. An INFJ. Having been an educator and translator for many years, I am now tapping more actively into my true essence - that of a writer. I like to experience life; analyse people, relationships, and events that have happened; and grow and evolve. Above all, I love my two children (one of whom is a university graduate and the other in high school) and my home on an old farmstead called Allika (the Estonian word for 'spring' (as in: "spring of water") and 'source' (as in "source of life force")).

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