EOI de Mieres is a comparatively small but modernly equipped school of languages in an area of great natural beauty, where coal mining used to be the main source of wealth until the 1990s. With the closing of mines and the consequent loss of jobs and population, Mieres underwent a period of recession, of which fortunately now is starting to recover.

It is a public, state funded school and at the moment the staff consists of 10 teachers: 6 English teachers, 2 French teachers and 2 German teachers. This year we have over 600 learners enrolled in one or more of the three languages offered.
We have been using ICT with our learners for many years. We have experience in designing interactive learning materials for the classroom and for self instruction. We also have experience in the use of blogs and social networks to expand the learning process beyond the classroom. We are familiar with Skype, Google Docs, Facebook, Twitter and other Web 2.0 tools that allow us to collaborate online no matter where we are.
We will be the coordinators in this partnership and we will be in charge of creating the project’s website and the Facebook and Twitter accounts for both learners and staff.