Adult Education Institution Dante is an adult education provider specialised in teaching foreign languages. This year we are proudly celebrating the 20th birthday of our institution which was the first foreign languages school in Rijeka. Rijeka is a very nice town on the north coast and has the biggest port in Croatia. At the moment we are teaching six different foreign languages: English, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish, and also Croatian for foreigners. We have about 143 adult learners and 30 children. The teaching staff includes 17 people, including the principal, two administration clerks and 15 teachers. The school is looking forward to developing new, interesting methods and teaching contents along with partners from different EU countries.
Our aim in this project is to develop a method of teaching foreign languages based on language learning through ICT and to enable adults to improve their knowledge of English and their chance to know other cultures by working and learning together with the other European partners. As an accession country, Croatia is making a huge effort to raise awareness about European Union values in general, as well as the importance of Lifelong Learning Programme. According to the state guidelines, we have decided to promote the importance of adult learning and that has became one of our most important missions. We woud also be the first school of foreign languages and institution for adult education in the region to be involved in a EU project of teaching a language with ICT technology. Besides the language activity, another important activity is the presentation and promotion of Croatia as one of the acceding countries to the EU. Croatia has a very rich heritage, which is relatively unknown to the majority of people outside Croatia. This is why we believe that its necessary to share it with other EU citizens. The project, will involve the courses of English language at A2 level and will be available to all profiles of participants: learners and senior language learners.