Riga, the capital of Latvia, and the largest city of the Baltics, with the population of 800.000,  can be reached by air from 82 cities of 38 countries.

Riga is 810 years old now  and Old Town is the city’s heart with its historical buildings, narrow and romantic  cobbled streets.

Since 1997, Riga historical centre has been included into UNESCO list of world heritage.

The landmark of Riga is the Dome Cathedral. It dates from the 13th century and houses a majestic pipe organ with close to 7000 pipes.

The area around Old Town is mostly built between 1860 and 1914 and has many buildings that resemble Berlin, Paris or Rome.

Riga Castle was originally built in 1330 for the Livonian Order of Knights. Today it is the official home of the President of Latvia.

Almost 1/3 of Riga’s historical centre buildings represent the Art Nouveau style. Such a concentration of Art Nouveau buildings is not found anywhere in Europe.

Freedom Monument is one of Latvia’s national symbols. It is the statue of a woman holding 3 stars , which represent Freedom embracing Latvia’s regions.

The Daugava River, which has always been Riga’s artery and trade route, divides the city into 2 parts. Five bridges span the Daugava,  each of them having its own history and features. Railway bridge, which beams in blue and white neon at night, is the oldest one.(opened in 1914)

Riga is known for being a green and blooming city with colourful flowerbeds, lawns and bird songs in its parks and gardens.

Riga is a city which lives and develops, and as the legend says, Riga will never be finished…




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