Belgium in brief :

Area: 30,528 km2

Population: 10.951.266 inhabitants, 6.306.638 in the Flemish Region,

3.525.540 in the Walloon Region and 1.119.088 in the Brussels Capital

Region (source: Federal Public Service for the Economy, SMEs, the Self-

Employed and Energy, 1.1.2012)

Capital city: Brussels

Official languages: Dutch, French and German

Political system: a constitutional parliamentary monarchy

Head of State: HRH King Albert II

Per capita GDP: Approximately €32,000

Currency: The Euro since 1 January 2002

Recognised religions: Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Anglicanism,

Greek Orthodox Church and Islam. Secularism is recognised equally

alongside the aforementioned religions.

Belgian National Day: 21 July (anniversary of King Leopold I’s accession to

the throne)

Source ;

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Download this 36 pages brochure about Belgian history, art, ecomomy, etc.

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