Alius Lingua

The organisation, consisting of 20 people, is a private language school for young adults and adult learners providing courses in modern languages: English, German, French, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Russian and Latvian. The quality of our services is based on our long-standing experience. Our teachers are highly-qualified professionals with MA degrees, and internationally acknowledged specialist certificates. The teachers have participated in various European (LdV, Socrates Grundtvig) projects, and in designing several “European Language Portfolios”. Our teachers are material developers with extensive experience in teaching English and other languages for specific purposes and general everyday language using different ICT tools. Several teachers have got long experience in teacher training and designing tests. The staff have competence and long experience in doing reports and accountancy for international projects.
The role of our organisation in the project is to teach our learners how to learn and improve English language autonomously by looking for information in English on the Internet, by teaching them to use ICT tools and social networking among themselves for discussions and help our learners during their learning process to prepare authentic materials – web tasks- in English about Latvia, which will be uploaded on the project site so that the learners from the partner countries can do them as a part of their learning process thus improving both their ICT skills as well as their English language skills which would help the learners to compete in the labour market.
We have a wide range of learners, including those who are at risk of social exclusion as they belong to the group of people who might lose their jobs; and we have among our students refugees as well. For them, studying languages is a vital part of their lives; as it may give them more guarantees and advantages while competing in the labour market.

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