A Fast Look around Mieres

Victor has created this magical book which takes us for a walk around Mieres, its situation,  climate, culture, food, everything …

Enjoy the photos, watch the vídeos, listen carefully and then do the activities!

Visiting Asturias

Dolores has created this wonderful presentation that takes us all around our region, showing off the natural beauty of beaches and mountains and the most interesting sights in its main cities: Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés.

After the presentation she has written some interactive questions for you. I bet you are looking forward to coming to Asturias, now!!

Mieres in your pocket

Mieres in your pocket is an activity designed by Hector and Elena which serves a double purpose. In the first part they take us on a delightful visual tour of Mieres, its landscapes, traditions and people.

In the second part, we will meet several characters from the Asturian mythology, they will tell us many interesting stories and also ask us questions to make sure we’ve been paying attention!!

We hope you will enjoy the activity and we are looking forward to reading your comments!

Homemade Cider

Pablo’s grandfather has a small cider brewery and they have been brewing cider in the Asturian tradition for generations.
That’s why Pablo and Angela thought it would be a good idea to film the whole process and he agreed to explain every step in this fantastic video. Pablo conducted the interview, Angela was in charge of recording and here’s the result!

Mieres and Mining

Although nowadays mining is no longer sustainable and most mines have closed down, the mining industry has played a crucial role in the recent history of Mieres.

Begoña, Carmen, Iris and Violeta have created this activity that shows through photos, music and narrative, how close mining is to our hearts.