Top 5 in Fantastic Finland:

  1. 1,160 km long, 540 km wide with 198 000 lakes. Plenty of opportunities for swimming.
  2.  Winter is long. Youcan take a dip in refreshing waters and go ice swimming. Afterwards … sauna. In Finland it’s a necessity, not a luxury. There are about 1.7 million saunas: about one for every three inhabitants. ‘Sauna’ is the one Finnish word that has really become universal. An old Finnish proverb goes: If sauna, liquor and tar don’t help, your condition is fatal.
  3. The real Santa Claus comes from Finland, you must believe us! His home is in Lapland inside a fell called Korvatunturi, meaning Mount Ear. But he maintains an office in Santa Claus village in the town of Rovaniemi. You’ll find him there any timeof the year.
  4. Finns like to compete in sports. We have absolutely the best javelin throwers, Formula 1 and Rally drivers, Nordic skiers and daredevil ski jumpers. Number 1 spectator sport is ice hockey. But did you know that we also compete in rubber boot and mobile phone throwing and wife carrying?
  5. We drink more coffee per capita than any other nation. It gives us the energy to absorb in studies. After all, we do have one of the highest education levels in the world and we never stop studying. The tradition of life-long learning is really strong.

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Superb 5 of Satakunta

  • The province of Satakunta lies on the coast of the Bothnian Sea. We have also the beautiful Kokemäenjoki River running through the province. They are excellent for sailing, boating and paddling. The Kokemäenjoki river delta is an extensive wetlands area and a birdwatchers paradise.
  • We have national parks, archipelago and ridge formations which offer numerousnature and fitness routes.
  • There is plenty of space to hunt as well as pick berries and mushrooms.
  • Old Rauma on the west coast is the largest historical wooden town in the Nordic countries and a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Summer is the season of cultural events: the most famous is Pori Jazz festival with large outdoor concerts and Jazz Street with free performances, but there are many other festivals, concerts and  summer theatres in towns and villages.

Huittisten seudun kansalaisopisto

Adult Education Centres – equality and wellbeing through lifelong learning

Huittisten seudun kansalaisopisto is a non-profit adult education centre offering a wide variety of courses in Huittinen, Harjavalta and Punkalaidun. The population in the area is 21500, of which 3500 participate in our courses annually. The most popular subjects are practical crafts,art, music, ICT, languages, welfare and physical exercise. In addition, there are open university courses in co-operation with the University of Turku, upper secondary school courses in foreign languages and the art school for children in accordance with the basic national curriculum. Typical courses last two terms, meeting once a week in the evenings, but there are also short courses mostly at weekends.