Mobility to Spain

1040872_518008258272385_1558005833_oThe mobility to Spain took place from 28th June to 1st July. It was the last visit and for that reason to a certain extent its success was determinant for the success of the project: if things didn’t work out there would be no “next time” to improve them. That was a bit scary for the hosts but fortunately everything was great even though we were sad in the end because it meant the end of the project! There were 43 of us among teachers and students.

We visited the mines, which have shaped our valley and were moved by the performance of Turon’s Miners’ Choir.

We saw Lastres as an example of a fishing village, and the spectacular landscape of Covadonga. We saw cangas de Onís, Asturias first capital city and explored Oviedo our current capital city with the Treasure Hunt, but above all we spent 3-4 wonderful days with good friends!

Evaluation of the mobility

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