Kairi from Estonia


It was my first visit to Spain ever. I discovered a wonderful country with a rich history, mystical places, and warm people. I enjoyed a lot our sunny treasure hunting quest in Oviedo and the stories which Ana narrated to us about the city and its history. I was impressed by Oviedo’s old architecture and modern sculptures. The picturesque whalers’ city Lastres inspired me with its colourful narrow streets and beautiful ocean views. I also liked the mystical and glorious Covadonga.

I was deeply touched by the performance of the minors’ choir, especially the first song.

I had a chance to take part in the first project mobility in Estonia and the last one in Spain; and I realised how much people had changed. If there were difficulties at first when communicating with each other, in Spain I suddenly noticed that people from different countries were becoming close friends with each other. And I realised what a superb project it had been.

Riitta from Finland


Oviedo – the capital of Asturias was very impressive and stately for me. So many statues and old buildings prove the old history of the city. Especially the Cathedral and  many squares are certainly worth seeing for tourists.

In this photo you see “The Fat Lady”, which represents me the reality of our life. But the friends, who are standing in front of the statue – were the most important part of our successful trip!

Ella from Finland

EllaSpeeches of Patrizia and Marie

Two years before I didn`t know you, but now I have lot of wonderful memories with all of you.  I am glad that I started to study English language right in this project, thanks Eeva. When I look at this very poor-quality picture,  I remember our last night in Mieres and  the speeches  of Patrizia and Marie.  Especially Patrizia, I can still feel  in my skin her heartfelt speech. She found right words to tell how wonderful trip we have traveled in these two years. I absolutely agreed with her and I still do. And I think that all we do. Marie’s sensitive speech supplemented this moment.

We all, my new friends, made this wonderful  project, without you this wouldn’ be the same.  I remember too our treasure hunt in Croatia, Spain and of course in Finland, these were so funny, exciting and little bit difficult for me, because my English.  Unforgettable night was in Mieres, when we listened to Miners choral singing , I almost cried. And another unforgettable was the Carnival night in Rijeka, we had so fun and we saw a very amazing and big parade.

Love, Ella

Ivan Martinaš from Croatia


We spent wonderful four days in Spain with our hosts and participants from other countries. We peeked into the mining underground Asturias, searched for treasure in Oviedo, were intoxicated by the beauty of Covadonga and Lastres but most of all, we were deeply emotionally touched by the performance of Turon’s Miners’ Choir.

It’s hard to believe that Mobility journey came to the end. I feel sadness but at the same time, I’m very fortunate because I had the opportunity to participate in this project. Thanks everyone from the bottom of my heart!

Wazouna from Belgium

Spain is a very beautiful country, with great people.
I have danced salsa with them in an other country (some of them will recognize themselves!)
I really liked the city (Mieres). There were a lot of attractions (the man with his bottle and glas) and strange statues (as in the picture), we went to the sea, we visited a mine, and so many other things.
It was my last trip with Grundtvig people, it was funny and emotional.

I will never thank you all enough for all these moments!

Jonathan from Belgium

I have been to Asturias several times but never in Mieres.
The place was very beautiful and the food delicious.
I choose that photo because my grandfather is native from Asturias and used to work as a miner .
The photo was taken in the car park of the mine museum.
I enjoyed the museum and saw how my grandfather used to work and his working conditions.

Armand from Belgium

I had already been to Spain and I had the feeling I knew the country. Yet, this mobility taught me that Europe has a richer culture, history and landscape than I thought. In Asturias, I visited a place I had never heard about and its beauty gave me goose bumps.
The surrounding hills and caves of Covadonga took my breath away while the Cathedral and statues made me travel in time. Plus having locals next to me, teaching me about their history, was something I’ve seen as true gift.
So I hope to ever come back there and in my turn introduce the place to someone else.