Tarja from Finland


This picture I want to share with you: lovely mountains. Finland is so flat, so it was amazing to look at the high mountains there and those serpentine roads. It was my first visit to Croatia, but maybe some day I´ll return to see the beautiful country. The whole trip was memorable: the small monastery, beautiful landscape and carnival time. This all was something special to me, because in Finland we haven´t that kind of things and traditions. I hope all the best for you everyone, it was nice to take part of our project.

Ella from Finland

EllaSpeeches of Patrizia and Marie

Two years before I didn`t know you, but now I have lot of wonderful memories with all of you.  I am glad that I started to study English language right in this project, thanks Eeva. When I look at this very poor-quality picture,  I remember our last night in Mieres and  the speeches  of Patrizia and Marie.  Especially Patrizia, I can still feel  in my skin her heartfelt speech. She found right words to tell how wonderful trip we have traveled in these two years. I absolutely agreed with her and I still do. And I think that all we do. Marie’s sensitive speech supplemented this moment.

We all, my new friends, made this wonderful  project, without you this wouldn’ be the same.  I remember too our treasure hunt in Croatia, Spain and of course in Finland, these were so funny, exciting and little bit difficult for me, because my English.  Unforgettable night was in Mieres, when we listened to Miners choral singing , I almost cried. And another unforgettable was the Carnival night in Rijeka, we had so fun and we saw a very amazing and big parade.

Love, Ella

Pirjo and Elina from Finland


Pirjo ja Elina Kroatia 1

One day we arrived at Krk island. We’ve heard that the island is very beautiful  and also very popular, crowded with tourists. We don’t know about that – we saw only one tourist 😉

Krk island and its narrow streets were really unique, the atmosphere and buildings were something you don’t see every day. No wonder that the famous travel book, Lonely Planet, wrote that Krk island is among the fifteen places worth seeing in the world.

Furthermore, the restaurant we visited was really cosy, full of atmosphere. The fireplace and the octopus made in four different ways are still in our memories.

Pirjo ja Elina Kroatia 2One of the highlights of all our mobilities is the Treasure Hunt. It is a really good way to make ourselves familiar with each other. It is also the best way to see all the places – both normal tourist places and those which only the local people know.

In May we had met in Estonia and Latvia, so it was easier to do Croatian Treasure Hunt. Do you remember what we were doing in this task?

Juuso from Finland

Juuso memories of CroatiaI had a clear vision at the beginning of this project, I wanted to discover Croatia. I didn’t know a lot about Croatia. I knew Croatia had hard times in the 90’s and nowadays it’s a very famous place to spend a holiday. I was ready for an adventure.

I was surprised about the agenda. There were many interesting places and events to discover in five days.  Everything was well organised, without any rush. Five days with a big group of international students without any problems with the timetable is almost a miracle. The organizers did a great job.

We had such a good group, everyone was involved and ready to learn. Students and teachers from Dante school were great hosts, we got a lot of specific information and personal opinions. The information was very useful especially during Rijeka Carnival.

I felt so relaxed in Rijeka, it was almost like being at home. Everybody was so friendly and helpful. I got many friends during the visit. Learning English was just a minor part of this meeting. We were having fun and eating well with my new friends, that was the best part of this mobility. That’s the way I like to study!

I have nothing but great memories from Croatia. I am happy to have so many friends in Rijeka. Let this friendship never end 🙂

Wazouna from Belgium

There are a lot of pictures that I love and I find it difficult to choose only one of them, because of all the visits and all the moments we lived which were offered by our great hosts and I really enjoyed this time with the fantastic people involved in this project. I particularly loved the carnival and the hospitality of the local people.
We were surrounded with great people. I will never forget it !

Liia from Estonia

ImageBefore going to Croatia, I thought the country had a warm climate. But it didn’t. Instead, it had warm people.

Accommodation, catering, and excursions were all well organised. The hotel room was comfortable, with a breathtaking view of the sea and the mountains. The catering included a variety of delicious Croatian dishes. Our tour guides were students from the Adult Education Institution Dante. The guides significantly improved our knowledge of Croatia’s history. An interesting fact is that “kuna” is a word both for the national currency and for the animal called marten. This is because marten pelts used to be used as currency during Roman times. The treasure hunt was another highlight of the trip with its clever design. It was fun to search and solve puzzles.

Visits at the Adult Education Institution Dante made a very good impression. I particularly liked the temperamental presentation of the study methods at the institution. I found putting people into relevant situations quite interesting – for example, having an English lesson at a restaurant where students have to order in English. Another interesting example was an arts lesson where students made masks with English as the working language.

Another fun event was the carnival day that began at Dante with two artists making face paintings for each of us involved in the project. It was always exciting to see how the next face painting would turn out. We took pictures of ourselves and felt good overall. There was also a table covered for us with various snacks. Especially tasty was a type of pastry I hadn’t tried before. I did know, however, that it is also sometimes made in Estonia (and called “pig’s ears” here). I took a bite from time to time and thanked the baker in my mind. Thank you!!

It was also my first time on a street carnival. It made a lasting impression with its fabulous costumes and decorated cars. What I liked the most about the carnival was that it was all done in good spirits and that the children in the audience were treated with kind faces and, occasionally, sweets.

Thinking back to the trip fills me with positive emotions. It was full of joy and significantly helped with improving and reinforcing my English.

A big “thank you” to the organisers!!

Hector from Spain

DSCN4688One of most beautiful memories from Rijeka, at least for me, was our visit to Krk Island.

I can’t say very well why, maybe because I love the sea, but also because it was in winter and it was  peaceful  and a new place, where I felt really good.

I liked the countryside and it was awesome to discover that little paradise with my nice new friends.