Varbola stronghold

“Varbola stronghold” is an activity designed by Liia. It tells us the story of the stronghold that used to be the biggest of its kind in Estonia and, according to some sources, in the whole Northern Europe. Varbola is just a stone’s throw away from Rapla, the location of our language school!

Varbola Stronghold
After you read Liia’s captivating account of the Varbola stronghold and look at the colourful pictures she shares with us, Liia tests your knowledge with some questions.
And once you are done, please let us know how you liked this activity by filling out this form.


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A city girl turned into a country woman; an Estonian patriot and a cosmopolitan; a dreamer, philosopher, and visionary who takes action to see her dreams come true. An INFJ. Having been an educator and translator for many years, I am now tapping more actively into my true essence - that of a writer. I like to experience life; analyse people, relationships, and events that have happened; and grow and evolve. Above all, I love my two children (one of whom is a university graduate and the other in high school) and my home on an old farmstead called Allika (the Estonian word for 'spring' (as in: "spring of water") and 'source' (as in "source of life force")).

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