Pirjo and Elina from Finland


Pirjo ja Elina Kroatia 1

One day we arrived at Krk island. We’ve heard that the island is very beautiful  and also very popular, crowded with tourists. We don’t know about that – we saw only one tourist 😉

Krk island and its narrow streets were really unique, the atmosphere and buildings were something you don’t see every day. No wonder that the famous travel book, Lonely Planet, wrote that Krk island is among the fifteen places worth seeing in the world.

Furthermore, the restaurant we visited was really cosy, full of atmosphere. The fireplace and the octopus made in four different ways are still in our memories.

Pirjo ja Elina Kroatia 2One of the highlights of all our mobilities is the Treasure Hunt. It is a really good way to make ourselves familiar with each other. It is also the best way to see all the places – both normal tourist places and those which only the local people know.

In May we had met in Estonia and Latvia, so it was easier to do Croatian Treasure Hunt. Do you remember what we were doing in this task?