Ella from Finland

EllaSpeeches of Patrizia and Marie

Two years before I didn`t know you, but now I have lot of wonderful memories with all of you.  I am glad that I started to study English language right in this project, thanks Eeva. When I look at this very poor-quality picture,  I remember our last night in Mieres and  the speeches  of Patrizia and Marie.  Especially Patrizia, I can still feel  in my skin her heartfelt speech. She found right words to tell how wonderful trip we have traveled in these two years. I absolutely agreed with her and I still do. And I think that all we do. Marie’s sensitive speech supplemented this moment.

We all, my new friends, made this wonderful  project, without you this wouldn’ be the same.  I remember too our treasure hunt in Croatia, Spain and of course in Finland, these were so funny, exciting and little bit difficult for me, because my English.  Unforgettable night was in Mieres, when we listened to Miners choral singing , I almost cried. And another unforgettable was the Carnival night in Rijeka, we had so fun and we saw a very amazing and big parade.

Love, Ella

Victor from Spain

DSCN0610Meet again my great friends that I had missed so much, and meeting new people, this is always something special for me. I remember the walk around the Citadelle with my friends watching the fantastic views of the city of Namur, learning, laughing and joking.

I remember fondly Christian and his fantastic girlfriend for welcoming me into their home in  such a nice way.

And they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so I can not forget the great Belgian chocolate!

Juuso from Finland

Juuso memories of CroatiaI had a clear vision at the beginning of this project, I wanted to discover Croatia. I didn’t know a lot about Croatia. I knew Croatia had hard times in the 90’s and nowadays it’s a very famous place to spend a holiday. I was ready for an adventure.

I was surprised about the agenda. There were many interesting places and events to discover in five days.  Everything was well organised, without any rush. Five days with a big group of international students without any problems with the timetable is almost a miracle. The organizers did a great job.

We had such a good group, everyone was involved and ready to learn. Students and teachers from Dante school were great hosts, we got a lot of specific information and personal opinions. The information was very useful especially during Rijeka Carnival.

I felt so relaxed in Rijeka, it was almost like being at home. Everybody was so friendly and helpful. I got many friends during the visit. Learning English was just a minor part of this meeting. We were having fun and eating well with my new friends, that was the best part of this mobility. That’s the way I like to study!

I have nothing but great memories from Croatia. I am happy to have so many friends in Rijeka. Let this friendship never end 🙂