Christian from Belgium

It wasn’t easy to pick one single photo from all we had taken, but I chose this one from inside the Parliament of Latvia in the magnificent town of Riga. I feel grateful to our hosts in Latvia to have been able to visit such an important place for the country. I chose the picture where all of us were because at that time we also received our “diplomas’ from Grundtvig. It was the peak of our trip in Estonia and Latvia, meaning that we had really taken part in such an important thing and got to meet people from other countries, learn their cultures, enjoy their enormous hospitality and above all, practice and improve our English.

Pierre-Olivier from Belgium

Grundtvig is a new way to prove that Europe is not only political ideas and projects. Europe is a mix of cultures, more or less different but with similar goals of exchange and sharing!
This trip is more than only remembrances : if it’s the beginning of a real friendship with some, it’s a deep desire to create bridges between countries in the EU!

Wazouna from Belgium

I really appreciated this country. It’s really rare to have a sea side and on the other side a forest. Riga is a city with great and very hospitable people I hope to keep in touch with. I really enjoyed this adventure. But one of the most interesting visit was, for me, the tower where you can see the whole city : the monuments, the landscape, etc.
Thanks Latvian team !

Armand from Belgium

I decided to pick up this picture because this tower is situated in a great place surrounded by many trees and where you really get the meaning of calmness.

For those that don’t like forests, the sea is just a few steps away, with its colors so typical. If paradise was a place on earth, I guess it wouldn’t be far way from there.

But let’s come back to the tower, that is a good example of Grundtvig’s magic powers: some of us (me included), never thought they would reach the top, yet with the positive energy in the group, we did it.

Then I have to mention the surprise that was awaiting us at the top; Latvia at its best! Its wonderful and restful landscapes were worth all the efforts.

Aaah Human beings, speaking different languages and climbing a tower, man could have written a story about us.

Pirjo Heilala from Finland

Pirjon kuva

Our first mobility meeting took place in Baltia in May. We started our trip in Tallinn. Our first treasure hunt in Old town was an exciting experience. We started from Raekoja plats and walked around the old town. We saw many historical places such as Niguliste Church, Vapaduse väljak (Freedom Square), Toompea Hill and Palace, Pikk Hermann and so on. Our first common evening in medieval restaurant Olde Hansa was quite a unique experience. There we met all our foreign friends and had  opportunity to discuss with them.

After Tallinn our visit to Rapla was also very interesting. There we saw a modern high school and local workshops. After this visit we started a bus trip to Riga. In historical, beautiful Riga we saw also a wonderful old town and many many attractions. One of the  highlights was a visit to Latvian Parliament. The weather had also changed from very cold and windy weather to sunshine. The summer had come!

This picture has been taken in Jurmala. Many of us travelled by train to Jurmala.  Jurmala is a resort town and we were told that while Latvia was a part of the Soviet Union Jurmala was a favorite holiday-resort and tourist destination for high-level Communist Party officials. Many villas and hotels have remained, some have fallen into disrepair. Nowadays they are very popular and people are eager to repair them. The most important tourist attraction is the long beach facing the Gulf of Riga. We walked along the beach and one of us was very brave and tried to swim in very cold water 🙂

Thank you, our Estonian and Latvian friends, for the memorable days we had with you.

Iris Reigosa from Spain


When the teacher asked me to choose some photos from the trip to Estonia and Letonia, I started to think what I could talk about. I could speak about the weather, the people, special places like Riga’s market or the view of the city from the top of the cathedral …

But, in the end I decided to choose a photo of the tram wires in the streets of Riga. I was impressed about the patterns they formed crossing up and down above our heads.


From Rapla I chose one photo of the houses because they reminded me of a fairy tale. One or two storey houses all of them with a garden. And the most incredible thing about the houses was that they didn’t have a fence. So we had the impression of being in a very safe and peaceful place.

It was such a good experience that it has been a bit difficult to choose only two photos which reflected my feelings about the places.

Carmen Vizcón and Begoña Rodríguez from Spain

Travelling abroad is always an experience, it doesn`t matter if you travel for holidays, for business, for work, etc… but travelling in a group like ours not only was a great experience but also a great adventure across Europe.

We went to Estonia and Latvia last May and we can say it was an unforgettable trip because of all the places we knew and the wonderful people we met.

We chose this photograph about Rapla Vald  because the landscape is completely different from ours in Asturias and because such an idyllic and bucolic place invited us to happiness only by looking at it.

We noticed there was a national flag in every single house and it was because they were celebrating The Mother’s Day. We find that a very different tradition to ours too.

We also choose this photograph about Latvia because we were inside the Parliament of the country a magnificent palace in old Riga. We could visit such an important place thanks to our hostess in Latvia and it is worthwhile pointing out that not every tourist in Riga can do it, so, we are very grateful for having had the opportunity to see the place were political life takes place. It was also very interesting to see the room where presents from countries all around the world were kept.

It goes without saying that the pictures and sculptures were impressive.