Christian from Belgium

photo_Christian_EstoniaA picture from a tree at the entrance of Rapla, where we were housed in Estonia. You can see flags from the participating countries. I could write about the hospitality and the availability of our hosts who were with us from morning till night, the sweet weather, the calmness of the town, but it took just that tree and their flags to understand how important our trip was and that we were in for a wonderful experience. I will never forget those great three days.

Jonathan from Belgium

Our trip to Estonia and Latvia was very nice, very different from the country I visited before and the breathtaking views in both countries were amazing.
I chose that photo because walking through a marsh was the first time for me and I loved it.
Walking in the nature …wild and peaceful.
I saw many different plants and insects.
Lovely place to relax!

Ilze from Latvia



Trip to Estonia.
When arriving to Estonia, I was surprised by the small, beautiful town – Rapla and Estonian team hospitality, the tree in the town centre with all project country flags was really a nice surprise!
Also I liked treasure hunt in Tallinn, which greeted us like real northern country capital – windy and cool. But for all this thing, the treasure hunt was really interesting and I learned much about old Tallinn city history and architecture.
Unforgettable was the resaurant “Olde Hansa” which is a piece from Estonian history, it was very interesting experience and I really liked it! Estonia definitely is the country which I would like to visit again!
This project is great experience for me to meet other students from other countries and it’s a good chance to find out interesting things about their countries and their culture, and also it’s a good chance to practice and improve my English!
Best wishes,

Santa from Latvia

Old streets in Tallinn

Old streets in Tallinn

It was really great to run along the little streets when you didn’t know that city! I haven’t been there before. We were the best team because everybody did different things, but together we were so strong. Actually the weather wasn’t so good, but it didn’t interfere to see how beautiful Tallinn is! That old city is so high, and buildings are gorgeous. I liked that we saw Estonian traditions because that food was the best after being cold. That all together was like one big adventure!

Rihards from Latvia



Our trip in Estonia was really great. I gained new experiences by getting to know Estonia a lot better and meeting and communicating with foreign people. I really enjoyed the „Treasure Hunt” game, although the weather was quite cool and windy as usual in Estonia at the seaside in May. Also the place called Rapla where we stayed overnight was really nice, it was a typical, small and quiet Estonian town. In general the trip was very well organised and it was thought out in details about everything. Thanks to Estonian team for this greatly spent time and new experiences.

Iris Reigosa from Spain


When the teacher asked me to choose some photos from the trip to Estonia and Letonia, I started to think what I could talk about. I could speak about the weather, the people, special places like Riga’s market or the view of the city from the top of the cathedral …

But, in the end I decided to choose a photo of the tram wires in the streets of Riga. I was impressed about the patterns they formed crossing up and down above our heads.


From Rapla I chose one photo of the houses because they reminded me of a fairy tale. One or two storey houses all of them with a garden. And the most incredible thing about the houses was that they didn’t have a fence. So we had the impression of being in a very safe and peaceful place.

It was such a good experience that it has been a bit difficult to choose only two photos which reflected my feelings about the places.

Carmen Vizcón and Begoña Rodríguez from Spain

Travelling abroad is always an experience, it doesn`t matter if you travel for holidays, for business, for work, etc… but travelling in a group like ours not only was a great experience but also a great adventure across Europe.

We went to Estonia and Latvia last May and we can say it was an unforgettable trip because of all the places we knew and the wonderful people we met.

We chose this photograph about Rapla Vald  because the landscape is completely different from ours in Asturias and because such an idyllic and bucolic place invited us to happiness only by looking at it.

We noticed there was a national flag in every single house and it was because they were celebrating The Mother’s Day. We find that a very different tradition to ours too.

We also choose this photograph about Latvia because we were inside the Parliament of the country a magnificent palace in old Riga. We could visit such an important place thanks to our hostess in Latvia and it is worthwhile pointing out that not every tourist in Riga can do it, so, we are very grateful for having had the opportunity to see the place were political life takes place. It was also very interesting to see the room where presents from countries all around the world were kept.

It goes without saying that the pictures and sculptures were impressive.