Primorje and Gorski kotar

Primorje and Gorski kotar 

A two in one power point presentation made by B1/II students; Edina Kanurić, Dejan Strahija, Ana Čargonja, Nives Baričević and Andrea Načinović. This presentation describes our region with all the diversity of  the  scenery and wild life. Enjoy!

And here is a quiz-primorje-and-gorski-kotar so you can check your knowledge.

After you finish watching the presentation and doing the quiz please evaluate!

A tour through the city of Rijeka

A tour through the city of Rijeka is a webpage designed by Ivan Martinaš, Petra Ćulibrk, Marko Turk and Anton Mataija (A2/II).  Learn about the history of our city, the carnival, Trsat and find out some interesting facts about Rijeka. After that, you can test your knowledge by doing the quiz!

We hope you like it!

After that please evaluate!