Kairi from Estonia


It was my first visit to Spain ever. I discovered a wonderful country with a rich history, mystical places, and warm people. I enjoyed a lot our sunny treasure hunting quest in Oviedo and the stories which Ana narrated to us about the city and its history. I was impressed by Oviedo’s old architecture and modern sculptures. The picturesque whalers’ city Lastres inspired me with its colourful narrow streets and beautiful ocean views. I also liked the mystical and glorious Covadonga.

I was deeply touched by the performance of the minors’ choir, especially the first song.

I had a chance to take part in the first project mobility in Estonia and the last one in Spain; and I realised how much people had changed. If there were difficulties at first when communicating with each other, in Spain I suddenly noticed that people from different countries were becoming close friends with each other. And I realised what a superb project it had been.

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About Elina

A city girl turned into a country woman; an Estonian patriot and a cosmopolitan; a dreamer, philosopher, and visionary who takes action to see her dreams come true. An INFJ. Having been an educator and translator for many years, I am now tapping more actively into my true essence - that of a writer. I like to experience life; analyse people, relationships, and events that have happened; and grow and evolve. Above all, I love my two children (one of whom is a university graduate and the other in high school) and my home on an old farmstead called Allika (the Estonian word for 'spring' (as in: "spring of water") and 'source' (as in "source of life force")).

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