Juuso from Finland

Juuso memories of CroatiaI had a clear vision at the beginning of this project, I wanted to discover Croatia. I didn’t know a lot about Croatia. I knew Croatia had hard times in the 90’s and nowadays it’s a very famous place to spend a holiday. I was ready for an adventure.

I was surprised about the agenda. There were many interesting places and events to discover in five days.  Everything was well organised, without any rush. Five days with a big group of international students without any problems with the timetable is almost a miracle. The organizers did a great job.

We had such a good group, everyone was involved and ready to learn. Students and teachers from Dante school were great hosts, we got a lot of specific information and personal opinions. The information was very useful especially during Rijeka Carnival.

I felt so relaxed in Rijeka, it was almost like being at home. Everybody was so friendly and helpful. I got many friends during the visit. Learning English was just a minor part of this meeting. We were having fun and eating well with my new friends, that was the best part of this mobility. That’s the way I like to study!

I have nothing but great memories from Croatia. I am happy to have so many friends in Rijeka. Let this friendship never end 🙂

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