Ilze from Latvia



Trip to Estonia.
When arriving to Estonia, I was surprised by the small, beautiful town – Rapla and Estonian team hospitality, the tree in the town centre with all project country flags was really a nice surprise!
Also I liked treasure hunt in Tallinn, which greeted us like real northern country capital – windy and cool. But for all this thing, the treasure hunt was really interesting and I learned much about old Tallinn city history and architecture.
Unforgettable was the resaurant “Olde Hansa” which is a piece from Estonian history, it was very interesting experience and I really liked it! Estonia definitely is the country which I would like to visit again!
This project is great experience for me to meet other students from other countries and it’s a good chance to find out interesting things about their countries and their culture, and also it’s a good chance to practice and improve my English!
Best wishes,

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