Pirjo Heilala from Finland

Pirjon kuva

Our first mobility meeting took place in Baltia in May. We started our trip in Tallinn. Our first treasure hunt in Old town was an exciting experience. We started from Raekoja plats and walked around the old town. We saw many historical places such as Niguliste Church, Vapaduse väljak (Freedom Square), Toompea Hill and Palace, Pikk Hermann and so on. Our first common evening in medieval restaurant Olde Hansa was quite a unique experience. There we met all our foreign friends and had  opportunity to discuss with them.

After Tallinn our visit to Rapla was also very interesting. There we saw a modern high school and local workshops. After this visit we started a bus trip to Riga. In historical, beautiful Riga we saw also a wonderful old town and many many attractions. One of the  highlights was a visit to Latvian Parliament. The weather had also changed from very cold and windy weather to sunshine. The summer had come!

This picture has been taken in Jurmala. Many of us travelled by train to Jurmala.  Jurmala is a resort town and we were told that while Latvia was a part of the Soviet Union Jurmala was a favorite holiday-resort and tourist destination for high-level Communist Party officials. Many villas and hotels have remained, some have fallen into disrepair. Nowadays they are very popular and people are eager to repair them. The most important tourist attraction is the long beach facing the Gulf of Riga. We walked along the beach and one of us was very brave and tried to swim in very cold water 🙂

Thank you, our Estonian and Latvian friends, for the memorable days we had with you.

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