Carlos Trapiello from Spain

un peu de tout 259

This photo was taken during the sauna evening in Finland. It was a beautiful place Pyhäjärvi lake, on 29th  of September.
All the teams in the Grundtvig project went to the lake by bus and we were all talking about the sauna as something exciting and healthy for our bodies but when we got off the bus it was cold, about 10 ºC  and I did not want to know what the water temperature was but I had a lot of doubts about whether I would enjoy “the sauna experience”

The day trip included having dinner in a beautiful detached house in the middle of the forest. Everybody wanted to have dinner quickly so they could go to the “sauna experience” but we men had to wait because all of us couldn’t take a sauna at the same time so the women went to the sauna before dinner and we had dinner first. We had salmon, salad and a delicious apple cake, finally we had coffee.
Suddenly the women came in very happy with the experience. “We took a sauna and then we took a dip
in the lake, three times!!”, they said. In all this time night fallen and it was our turn. We changed our clothes, took a cold shower and then entered the sauna. I couldn’t believe that we were at sixty
five degrees. I have to admit that I was suffering inside the sauna but when we went to the lake across a path in the forest and took a dip in the lake I felt very well. After wards we came back to the sauna and then we took another dip. When I went out of the sauna I felt very relaxed like never before in my life so I enjoyed the sauna a lot.

I have to admit that when I got off the bus I was thinking to myself that I wouldn’t take a dip in the lake but in the end It was the best part of the trip.
Maybe a lot of people in Spain go to the sauna in our country but I would tell them that is not the same as taking a sauna and then a dip in a beautiful lake at night.
We finished the trip having a hot coffee and talking to the others about this great experience.
I have thank to Valerie from Belgium for taking this photo and sending it to me.

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