Iris Reigosa from Spain


When the teacher asked me to choose some photos from the trip to Estonia and Letonia, I started to think what I could talk about. I could speak about the weather, the people, special places like Riga’s market or the view of the city from the top of the cathedral …

But, in the end I decided to choose a photo of the tram wires in the streets of Riga. I was impressed about the patterns they formed crossing up and down above our heads.


From Rapla I chose one photo of the houses because they reminded me of a fairy tale. One or two storey houses all of them with a garden. And the most incredible thing about the houses was that they didn’t have a fence. So we had the impression of being in a very safe and peaceful place.

It was such a good experience that it has been a bit difficult to choose only two photos which reflected my feelings about the places.

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