Alicia Fernández from Spain


The photo in this newspaper is not a photo of world leaders nor is it a picture of monetary authorities or that of a commission of military chiefs looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction in a distant country. This is a photo of people who attempt to connect, share experiences, build relationships, meet other people, know other places and … share two great days through English.

So sometimes I stop to think on how the same language is used for so  many different purposes, it only depends on the people who say the words; in our case there were important words like moss, Town Hall, friends, Latvia, bar, Croatia, sauna, education, Finland, university, Spain, adults Center, Estonia, Natural Park, Belgium, cooperation…… but not other words that I don’t want to say because I am not any world leader. All these words floated in the air in the “very nice and clean” Huittinen that took care of us so well for three wonderful days.

Kiitos Huittinen !

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