Carmen Vizcón and Begoña Rodríguez from Spain

Travelling abroad is always an experience, it doesn`t matter if you travel for holidays, for business, for work, etc… but travelling in a group like ours not only was a great experience but also a great adventure across Europe.

We went to Estonia and Latvia last May and we can say it was an unforgettable trip because of all the places we knew and the wonderful people we met.

We chose this photograph about Rapla Vald  because the landscape is completely different from ours in Asturias and because such an idyllic and bucolic place invited us to happiness only by looking at it.

We noticed there was a national flag in every single house and it was because they were celebrating The Mother’s Day. We find that a very different tradition to ours too.

We also choose this photograph about Latvia because we were inside the Parliament of the country a magnificent palace in old Riga. We could visit such an important place thanks to our hostess in Latvia and it is worthwhile pointing out that not every tourist in Riga can do it, so, we are very grateful for having had the opportunity to see the place were political life takes place. It was also very interesting to see the room where presents from countries all around the world were kept.

It goes without saying that the pictures and sculptures were impressive.

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