Discover Wallonia


We are Stéphane Guillaume and Christian Ngabo. We are doing a bachelor degree in International Trade at the Esa school. ESA stands for School of Business.

Stéphane is 32 years old and works as a chemist in the faculty of Gembloux. He is married and has two little monsters.

Christian is 28 years old and works as an interim office employee in Namur. He is not married.

We want to make you discover Wallonia through our presentation. We hope that you will learn a bit more about Wallonia’s history, institutions and main touristic curiosities.

To create our task, we created a PowerPoint presentation either using videos we found on the internet or making one ourselves from pictures and videos from the internet.

To see our presentation, click here. Make sure you watch it fullscreen (next to where you click under the images, you’ll see ‘More’ and you can click and choose fullscreen).


Don’t forget to evaluate this task by clicking here.

Evaluation results

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